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Mission Statement

AgriTec Systems, Inc. creates value by converting agricultural wastes (biomass) to valuable specialty chemicals and commodities by utilizing its patented, cost-effective technology.

Company Overview

AgriTec Systems, Inc. is a Delaware corporation with two wholly owned operating subsidiaries, AgriTec, Inc. and enviroLife, Inc.  AgriTec, Inc. has a history of developing and is in the final stages of commercializing patents and other technology related to the use of agricultural wastes as raw materials.  Most of the development to date has been focused on processing rice hull ash (RHA) the waste product from rice mill cogeneration businesses that use rice hulls as their primary fuel stock.

AgriTec has been granted patents in the U.S. and selected countries on a world-wide basis, covering the methods and products for amorphous precipitated silicas, silica gels, and activated carbon products derived from biomass (agricultural wastes), for commercial applications in the rubber, plastics and semiconductor manufacturing industries and water and gas purification applications.  AgriTec has 22 patents and 22 applications on a world-wide basis.

AgriTec has historically been involved in the development of technology and currently is devoting substantially all its efforts and resources to commercializing its patented technology relating to the production of liquid silicates, silica products, and activated carbon.

Corporate Headquarters
5151 Mitchelldale, Suite A6
Houston, TX 77092
T: 713-680-1700
F: 713-680-1704
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